Customer satisfaction surveys- What are they?

Customer satisfaction surveys help in understanding exactly how happy or unhappy your customers are.Surveys present the opportunity to connect with customers, understand issues and to correct them.It would be stating the obvious, to say that happy customers are invaluable to a company. They make repeat purchases, have higher customer lifetime values and are less likely to churn. On the other hand unhappy customers are a nightmare.Not only are they likely to defect to a competitor, they share their experience with other customers(be it current or prospective customers).

The ultimate aim of a CX survey should be collect actionable customer feedback that would contribute to improving the overall customer experience. One thing that top companies have in common is that they focus heavily on creating great customer experiences. However, the first step in creating great customer experiences is measuring and analyzing customer satisfaction. Our customer satisfaction surveys are the best option here.

Any customer satisfaction program can be broken down in to six parts based on:

  • Who would be interviewed ?
  • What would be measured ?
  • How is the interview being carried out ?
  • How would satisfaction be measured ?
  • What do the measurements mean ?
  • How to use it to obtain maximum results ?

Who would be interviewed?

The first in line customer would be an obvious candidate to measure satisfaction. But, what about the people in the marketing channels? Products sold through intermediaries are further from customers. A good customer satisfaction survey should cover at least the most the most important of these ‘channel customers’, maybe the wholesalers and the final consumers.

What would be measured?

Interviewing customer facing staff would be a great first step to identifying the factors to be measured. They are familiar with the issues, the terminology and would appreciate being consulted on. Internal focus groups with sales staff can also be effective.

How should the interview be carried out ?

In order for surveys to work they should cover as many platforms as possible- feedback forms handed out in stores, emails, websites, telephone interviews- any available option should be exploited.

How would satisfaction be measured ?

Customers might not always express their satisfaction in the same way. Often, satisfied customers say nothing, but make repeated purchases. Often,unhappy customers are more vocal. The best way to record customer satisfaction would be with open ended questions.

What do the measurements mean ?

The scores achieved in surveys are used to create a customer satisfaction index. There is no standard definition of what a customer satisfaction index should consist of. Some rate the only the overall performance, while others rate overall performance and intent to repurchase. Yet others cover a wider array of factors.

How to use it to obtain best results ?

People’s views keep changing and so does the performance of companies in delivering customer satisfaction. Hence, measuring customer satisfaction should be a continous process. The results should be used to identify and correct weaknesses and to build on strengths.

Why Geckolyst?

So how do we find out how satisfied or unsatisfied customers are? The best option would be to check with the customers.You might wonder why you need help with that. Handing out feedback forms to customers can’t be that difficult? Customers today are flooded with feedback forms, be it through mail, websites or in person. This leads to a low response rate. The solution here would be making the ‘customer’ the focus of the survey. With Geckolyst, building a customer satisfaction survey platform can not be any simpler. We, help you build short, fun and engaging surveys that reflect your brand. Surveys should be personalized and branded, enabling customers to understand what they are filling out. Another way to increase response rates would be to ensure that surveys are available across all platforms.

Studies suggest that open ended questions have a higher response rate. However, this leads to collecting a lot of unstructured data. Our CX surveys are supported by our NLP engine which enables analyzing large quantities of structured and unstructured data with high levels of accuracy, enabling you to make informed business decisions.