The "Net Promoter Score" – All there is to know.

What is NPS?

The ‘‘Net Promoter Score(NPS)” is a management tool used by businesses to calculate the loyalty of their customers. The Net Promoter Score is an indication of how likely customers are, to recommend a brand to a third person. It is an easy to understand value, that can be shared with front line employees.

How does calculating the NPS help the business ?

NPS score is used by many large organizations as a customer feedback tool. The balance between promoters and detractors, indicates a business’s potential for success. Measuring customer loyalty gives a better indication to whether a customer is likely to stick with the brand, or not. Accompanying the NPS question with one or more open ended questions, would help identify the reasons behind the given score. The NPS survey helps identify customers who need to be followed up with. It would let the business ‘intervene’, to learn more about the customers that provided feedback, to change a negative image, and even convert a ‘detractor’ to a ‘promoter’.