Airlines Overview

Create meaningful experiences that will help your business soar. Serve your customers with more than just a smile. Change the way airline customers access information, book, fly and provide feedback. Give them a holistic experience that will ensure a frequent flier.

Need of Airline Industry to Focus on Customer Experience
The Airline industry is a highly competitive market. The operational costs are high while the demand is subject to significant seasonal fluctuations. Increasing number of airline firms today look for alternatives that could help airlines gain an edge over their rivals.

In order to thrive in today’s competitive landscape; an airline company’s main goal should be 100% customer satisfaction. Skytrax who honors airlines with annual World Airline Award - the most coveted passenger's choice awards, considers 41 key performance indicators that form the base of customer satisfaction for which airlines are currently ranked, it includes evaluating customer’s experience across both airport and onboard environments of an airline, which ranges from customer check-ins to boarding, onboard cleanliness and comfort, refreshments and other services. Recent statistics point to the fact that customers today have increased expectations regarding airline services. A recent research conducted on airlines reveals the need to leverage the power of technology to enhance customer experience. They need to offer quick access solutions at multiple touch points to improve the travel experience for the customers as compared to the rivals.

Steps that Airlines Can Take

Use of CEM solution will ensure airlines digital readiness for customer service, and that each and every customer grievances are heard. In other words’, companies should shift focus on leveraging the power of technology to provide exceptional customer experience so as to get an edge over their rivals, and win repeat clients.Customer Experience Management (CEM)can serve as a perfect solution to improve customer satisfaction. With right CEM, airlines can provide better service to the customers as they navigate through various touch points such as booking tickets, check-in and boarding, and in flight comforts.And reduce passenger’s long wait at check-in counters and improve their experience.

Millennials are 34% more likely to ask for compensation, than other age groups will.
  • Collect Customer Feedback from Multiple Contact Points

    CEM solution collects feedback of customers from multiple contact points – the web, call center, internet, and social media – providing a holistic view of airline customer experience. As a result, the company can access feedback about complaints of customers, and take instant actions to address their grievances and concerns thus decreasing customer attrition and building future relationships. Social media can replace engaged phone lines and overwhelmed gate agents when it comes to improving customer service. You can use the social media as an opportunity to listen, learn, and respond. Twitter is perfect for promotions with time constraints since you only have 144 words to get your point across. On the other hand, Facebook allows a deeper level connection with the passengers. A well equipped CXM solution can help you address customer needs and issues at all platform.

  • Analyze Voice of customers

    Airline companies can utilize the CEM software to capture, analyze, and act on sentiments of customers while making use of best practices that are built in the delivery process. Real-time dashboard simplifies every aspect of data analysis. The company can make use of advanced text, social, and predictive analytics to gain insights about your customer’s experience, find root causes of problem, and prioritize actions based on maximum customer experience impact. In this way, customers can be provided a personalized experience. Some examples of helping flights feel less exiled are by providing the customer with Wi-Fi, and other mobile services. Close loop technology can help airlines stay connected to their customers from the moment they book a ticket. It all depends on how an airline utilizes the information that CEM software reports. Use of analytical information to its maximum potential can help the airlines understand how customers need to be communicated and be entertained to provide a completely personalized trip.

  • Conduct Advanced Custom Queries

    Online analytical processing allows you to easily create custom queries related to the customer experience data, and view results within seconds. Powerful API should easily integrate with any existing CRM, or ticketing system that airlines already have in place, and collect any form of feedback data from these systems. Customer experience begins the moment they land on any airline’s website. Use customer’s feedback gathered by CEM software to highlight valuable information, such as the kind of flights, your customers prefer to book the most.Monitor each stage of the booking procedure by using the analytical output that helps to make things simple and easy.

  • Shifting from Package- to People Thinking

    Airline industry serves global customers. To allow companies to cater the needs of international airline customers, CEM solutions need to support multiple languages with full support for multi-byte characters. With advanced text analytics it provides categorization of customer feedback to facilitate action by different personnel within the organization—from C-suite to the front line employees—so that they can take appropriate steps to improve customer experience. Things are kept in perspective with the ticket management system in place that allows employees to attend distressed customers on time.

Our Solution

Geckolyst has developed the most revolutionary customer centric platform which connects to customer feedback at all levels.It can help airlines gain the most insights from every feedback and carve a permanent niche in the airline industry.With Geckolyst, you can build solutions to solve major problems that plague the airline industry in terms of customer satisfaction. Here is a summary of just a few of its features:

  • Make decisions based on the customer’s data and feedback in real-time. Customer experience becomes the dynamic and informed process.
  • Corner on competitive advantage with the highest degree of customer specific strategy.
  • Combine traveler data received from multiple channels in one interface, making actions streamlined.
  • Anticipate the customer’s needs and earn their loyalty.