Never miss a chance to
Know your customers Integration at all touch points

  • Customer Centres

    Gain more insights from customer centres with effective inbound feedback collection and full system integration. Collect feedback post calls, attend alerts, manage tickets, and communicate with customers all from a single centralised CX dashboard.

  • Social

    Social media; no longer an untapped resource. Embedded with advanced NLP text analytics capture and analyze each feedback on all social platforms. Utilise your social channels as sources of data that help you improve performance. We help you monitor and use your social channels better.

  • Post Experience

    Extract and analyse data from surveys, customer feedbacks, post support interactions, and nearly every other feedback source. If you can collect feedback, we can put them to use.

  • SMS/URL/Email/Pop-Up

    Geckolyst with its built in powerful Text analytics mechanism, allows you to extract, analyze and categorize any text feedback data from customers, that are being exchanged at multiple touch points, such as SMS, Email, website pages or popup. Enabling your organisation to readily connect to customers to close loop on prospective sale and negative feedback alerts, from a single panel dashboard.