Data View Based on Roles and HierarchyA solution tailored for your organisation

Every business entity has an organisational structure that consists of multiple levels of management and front-line workers. Customer satisfaction data harvested by Geckolyst is applicable in different way to various levels of organization.

  • Front desk staff should have access to data relevant to the customers they serve, in relation to the transactions they will conduct.

  • Support agents require access to personalised customer information and any existing transaction history associated with the customers they serve.

  • Local managers are the backbone of business. They need constant real-time data pertaining to each customer, each transaction, and the performance of the locale.

  • Regional managers require significantly more data that keeps them abreast of how each location within their areas is performing. This includes customer and company performance data.

  • Customer Experience Officers oversee customer satisfaction at the executive level. They need real-time, comprehensive data that tracks performance company-wide.

  • The executive management team does not necessarily need individual customer data, but they do need to see how their companies perform overall and gauge what is being done or what steps can be taken to improve performance.