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    BIG DATA Big data analysis allows organisations to make better and faster decisions using data that was previously inaccessible or unusable. Using advanced analytics techniques such as text analytics, machine learning,feedback analytics, data mining, statistics, and natural language processing, Geckolyst can help analyse previously untapped data sources. And together with existing data ,you can gain new insights resulting in significantly faster decisions.


    TECHNOLOGY INTEGRATIONS Built with integration in mind, our system is flexible enough to integrate with existing systems for CRM, CRP and billing, and automatically communicates across multiple platforms to include POS systems, alert ticketing, and callcentre interactions. Our flexibility and integration capability allows you to automatically create customer surveys that tie responses to operational metrics. This offers management and staff instantaneous feedback at every stage of the customer relationship.


    NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING Natural Language processing is an advanced technology to analyse and rate products and services based on the data driven from textual customer reviews. Geckolyst can extract valuable information from the words and phrases, which your customers use when writing feedbacks. NLP converts these open feedbacks into an understandable business data at every step of your customer journey. This data is extracted, analysed, and categorised in a manner that is directly relatable to the decisions making. Staff can then use that data to improve customer interactions for the purposes of generating more positive decisions regarding targeted products and services.


    FLEXIBLE APIs Integration with other active systems can be accomplished through either batch or application programming interface (API). The method used for each case depends on which approach works best for the customer. Batch integration provides a set of schedules for data transfer and analysis while API integration allows for data transfer and analysis in real time. Geckolyst is powered with advanced API integration technology which is so flexible enough that it can be easily deployed to provide data communications between multiple platforms from billing to the call centre to POS transactions. All of the data gleaned from these points can be instantly put to use rather than waiting for batch transfers to occur.