Telecom Overview

Connect with your customer for a long term association, with high customer churns telecom is an industry that can merit from deepening relationships. Telecom companies should have access to the total customer experience lifecycle to identify critical values and harvest intelligence of the same to redesign their processes.

Calling Telecom Industry: Pay Attention to Customer Experience

For any telecom companies living up to brand promises has never been so important than in today’s evolving markets where customers have better choices of services and applications than ever before. Growing incomes, affordable smart devices, and low costs service offerings by increasingly more telecom brands are just some factors that can change the market. For a company to compete successfully, it has to make customer experience the focus of all attention. Even with the telecom industry being as cutthroat as it is, not many companies give customer centricity a priority. The 2016 Net

Telecom sector scored 22.6 in 2016 NPS® Benchmark Report compared to Retail which ended up 42.67 score

Promoter Industry Benchmark report showed that while the highest Net Promoter Scores fell to industries, such as retail and financial services, Telecom industry ended up with much lower score in the list. Customer experience metrics for telecom is at its lowest and no improvements regarding customer strategy are on the horizon. Result? : Relatively low customer loyalty

Challenges Faced by Telecom Companies

Primary challenge in front of most telecom operators is the lack of right tools for assessing customer satisfaction. This puts them in complete darkness towards customers’ perception about their products and services. They have no real time view of data relating to the customer service quality.
Along with this, telecom firms also have no solution in place for identifying most valuable customers, and customizing their experiences to serve their needs

How to Answer that Call
Sure-fire reasons why Customer Experience Management should be included in a telecom company’s very structure and needs to be made a part of it.
  • Shifting Focus to Customer Based

    For long telecom operators have traditionally focused their operations based on technology view of their network. However as more and more customers sign up for their services prevention of customer churn becomes priority. Departmental silos are a sad reality, no matter which industry we are talking about. If a customer is interested in buying multiple services from the same company, they are in for a long ride. Instead of being provided with a 360-degree service profile, they are shunted from one department to another within the company.

    To simplify, telecom companies would need a holistic view of customer profile. It will not only result in providing better customer service, but it will also help telecom providers gain improved customer vision.

    According to a report India crossed 1 Billion Mobile subscriber base in the month of Oct 2015

  • Emphasis on First-Contact Resolution (FCR)

    First-contact resolution should always be a priority as most customers want their problems to be addressed immediately. It is also one of the areas where customers rate telecom services negatively. With combined information from all departments and data from multiple channels, a telecom employee will feel empowered and also put him on driver’s seat to handle any queries efficiently. They will be able to provide better answers to customers in a short amount of time.

    Employees also need deeper insights from support centres post call feedback to understand the source of customer dissatisfaction and reduce the numbers that churn. Use of NLP technology can analyze and categorize texts collected from various sources via the use of linguistic and statistical algorithms. By picking on specific words, it helps employees derive the right information. All text analyzed can provide employees with a real time view of customer problems. This powers front line staff to be pro active rather than re active to customer complaints. Satisfied customers automatically become brand ambassadors. Importantly, they will be able to match them according to individual customer’s needs.

Our Solution

Telecom operators are turning more and more towards customer experience management solution to increase customer retention rate, differentiate their offerings from competitors and lower their service costs. Geckolyst, can do much more for your telecom brand. With easy integration and implementation, you will be able to:tt

Gartner claimed that close to 90 percent of companies will be competing on CX basis this year. Half a decade ago, the number was just 36 %
  • Measure feedback and deliver customers with quality service at every touch point
  • Identify high-value customers and offer more advanced and personalized up sell or cross sell services
  • Form different custom segments and provide customers with segment-specific promotions and services
  • Real Time view of performance problems with role specific reporting
  • Enhance customer satisfaction index and turn them into brand promoters!