Embedded and
Integrated Methodologies

Net Promoter Score (NPS®)

Net Promoter Score is a metric developed to measure customer loyalty to a specific brand, service, or product. The metric is currently used by more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000 companies. By asking customers how likely they are to recommend your brand to others, you gain instant access to valuable feedback that tells you how you are doing. Additional feedback questions can be included with the recommendation question to help you understand why your customers react as they do. Any score above zero is deemed positive; the goal is to get as close to as +100 as possible. Our tool primarily leverages NPS® to measure customer satisfaction metrics which also in turn correlates your company’s revenue growth.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping, is one of the most widely used customer satisfaction tools deployed by satisfaction-focused companies worldwide. It seeks to create a visual representation of the intangible parts of customer satisfaction including things such as customer motivations and emotional responses to interaction. It is a tool that seeks to measure satisfaction at every point in the customer journey, from discovery to research to purchase. Finally, it is a tool that relies heavily on measuring interactions between your company and your customers and then analysing responses at every touch point along the way.

Structured/Unstructured Feedback Categorisation

The digital world provides plenty of opportunities to glean customer satisfaction information from both structured and unstructured feedback. Structured feedback is collected via different sources like online surveys, customer comment cards, and calls received by a company's customer service centre. Unstructured feedback is offered through e-mail communications, social media posts, blogs, etc. Geckolyst collects and analyses data from both structured and unstructured sources then presents the results of the analysis in the dashboard to provide a categorised, understandable visual. Categorisation makes otherwise difficult data easier to quantify in actionable terms.

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Our customer satisfaction (CSAT) Index measures how satisfied your customers are with your overall experience by collecting and analysing data from multiple streams. By definition, CSAT is a representation of either the percentage or total volume of customers whose reported experiences with your company have met or exceeded their expectations. Our index is a tool that helps you see the big customer satisfaction picture so that you can measure total results against the more individualised information gleaned from customer journey mapping, the net promoter score, and single direct and indirect feedback channels.