Customer feedback analysis

Customer feedback gives a business a clear picture of how it is performing. Every enterprising business owner would know the role that customer feedback plays in bettering the business. It helps uncover the flaws in your business; whether it is a technical problem or the price being too high. However, considering both the ‘omni-channel’ nature and the sheer volume of it, staying on top of customer feedback is not easy. An effective customer feedback management system, helps organizations run surveys, generate reports and manage alerts. With the customer feedback management system from Geckolyst you are able to do all this and much more, through an efficient and easy to operate UI.

Companies receive a lot more customer service feedback today, than they used to in the past. However, only a few organizations take to analyzing data, and an even fewer number goes as far as taking action on it and close-looping the customers, to ensure that they know their voice is being heard. Let us take the case of mobile apps as an example: there is data about purchases from the app stores, behavior within the app from the analytics systems, and finally and most importantly comments and reviews from real users. Hidden among all this data is valuable information. Users share their views in app store reviews, often hoping to contribute to improving the product. Although design and development teams often use this feedback to help locate and fix bugs, app reviews are hardly ever analyzed in a structured manner. A comprehensive customer feedback analysis system like ours, is what is needed here.

As mentioned earlier, the ‘omni-channel’ nature of customer feedback suggests that collecting data might require more effort. From customer feedback surveys, to focus groups and written comment cards, companies today employ a range of techniques to collect feedback. But collecting feedback is only the start. It is the customer feedback analysis, and the appropriate actions make all the difference.

Why Geckolyst?

By providing you with an effective and comprehensive system, Geckolyst helps you collect, analyze and act upon feedback. Our feedback management system, helps you collect data from multiple channels: the company website, social media, phones, email and in store customer feedback surveys; and unify them to produce a 360 degree view of the customer. We understand that it does not end with capturing data. Geckolyst employs a variety of techniques for customer feedback analysis, including sentiment analysis on social media sites, along with survey satisfaction and NPS, to provide you with unique insights.

By keeping the system simple, we ensure that every employee from top management to frontline staff are able to understand the feedback and take appropriate action. Backed by exceptional technology, we are able to present you with customer insights in real time, and issue ‘alerts’ about customers who are likely to churn or about processes that under perform.